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Our Approach

Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common. We want to know everything: where you started.

1. First Contact

During our first call, we'll tell you more about our expertise, cases, methodology, etc., and you can give us more information on your project, needs, and background. We'll then develop a plan for our future collaboration, and our business development team will become your Huddok engagement assistant.

2. Discover & Estimate

Our business development team engages business analytics, development, and design teams to estimate your project and give professional recommendations in case of necessity. The business development team will also help you with organizational issues, interviews, design and development team gathering, paperwork, etc.

3. Design

Time to create. Our graphic designers are experts at shaping your vision into an engaging, user-friendly web experience that your visitors will love. To provide stylish and interaction design we focus on a custom approach. We are capable of producing clickable prototypes to provide a comprehensive vision of the final result.

4. Develop

In the process of working toward a result we follow Scrum methodology, assuring a development workflow that is resource-effective and time-sensitive. during the active development stage, your single point of contact is our team, who will collaborate with you on all issues till the project is finished and delivered to you.

5. QA

To be confident that every individual part complements the unified system and results in consistent, reliable product functionality, exhaustive testing is performed throughout the entire development process.

6. Delivery

With the product designed, developed, and tested, it is now ready for launch. We value all clients' feedback and always ask them to evaluate your performance and suggest improvements if needed.